Updating field in php

A Contact also belongs to an “Account”, which is another default object in

The way that relation is created is by whats called a “Lookup” field in the Contact Object.

This field contains a reference to the Account that the contact belongs to.

It doesn’t just contain the Account Id, or an External ID (field set to be an External ID, something that gives you the ability to update an object from an external source such as a PHP application, based on the External ID).

Creating, editing, updating and deleting content on a website is what makes the site dynamic.

That's what we are going to be doing in this post.

Perhaps you are trying to minimize development costs, or you are trying to utilize the backend that you already have.

Either way, you’ve got a website front end built in PHP and you want it to be able to communicate back and forth between the backend.

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You have to update it with the Sales Force ID (a hidden field for the Account object called Account Id) or by an external id in the Account Object. First, you need to know what Account you’re going to affiliate with the Contact, ahead of time.

Sales Force has a Toolkit for PHP, utilizing SOAP (XML-based protocol, which lets applications exchange information over HTTP).

When set up and configured, your PHP application will have a Sales Force-generated WSDL file, which you will need to re-create through your Sales Force admin if the Sales Force data objects are altered in any way.

Love the fact it updates entire empty column and not just the ones I'm adding or updating now... This is a great fix, but have noticed that unless you specify which row you are updating, by inserting: WHERE ID = '$id' (for example) at the end of your SQL query, the whole column is updated to null even if there are column entries that are NOT Null. Newer versions of PHP don't accept a variable like $date to be created with "NULL", 'NULL', or (NULL) and update a reall NULL value into a date column in a My SQL database anymore.

Utilizing a backend for your data can prove to be a very challenging project.

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